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Our Story

Office of International Affairs – OIA, formerly known as Siam English Training Center (SETC) is a foreign language center. It offers three main courses such as Regular English Course, Special English Course and Bilingual Program to Siam Tech’s students.

In the Regular Course, students study conversational English with foreign teachers once a week while in the Special Course, students study Conversational English with the foreign teachers for three periods a week. In the Bilingual Program, students study with both foreign and Thai Teachers. All subjects are taught in English except for Thai subject.

Students learn more on listening and speaking skills through interactive games, role-plays and interactive media. Foreign teachers use new and modern teaching methodologies to make the lessons more fun and interesting for the students. The department also provides computer-based programs to the students.

OIA ensures challenging activities to equip students to face the English-speaking global market in the future.

Business hours
Open : Tue – Sat | 7:45 AM – 3:45 PM
Tel : 02-864-0358 Ext. 2075
FACEBOOK : Office of International Affairs, Siamtech


To built self-confidence by providing professional, job specific, integrated language training, emphasizing listening and speaking in the context of real life situations that prepare students for daily of English in their specific careers.

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